Edu:Social Project


This documentation from August 2023 with comments by Maria Kluge, Tania Singer, Gert Scobel, Dirk Bräuninger and Mike Sandbothe shows how the combination of mental practices (mindfulness, dyads and social presencing theater) affects mental well being. (German only)

Tania Singer on training the mind and deepening our connections through partner-based exercises called dyads.

Tania Singer on the CovSocial project and the impact of online mindfulness interventions.

Tania Singer on possible strategies for processing current horrific images and news.

In this podcast, Tania Singer and Jonas Höhn talk about how increasing empathy and compassion can improve the workplace climate.

Tania Singer talks about what her research on cultivating compassion has taught her and how we can use it to create a world based on compassion.

In an interview with Antje Lang-Lendorff from TAZ, Tania Singer talks about the limits and opportunities of empathy.

The 10th Empathy Conference of the DAI Heidelberg as part of Geist Heidelberg was entitled: "Empathy under pressure? How we experience empathy in crises and conflicts". In her lecture, Tania Singer talks about empathy and compassion. Can mindfulness and social skills be trained? How do empathy and compassion differ?
In the 4th episode of the podcast by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Tania Singer talks about research.

In this interview with Wiebke Knoche for tk aktuell, Tania Singer talks about the difference between empathy and compassion and how they can be trained.